Tansy - Tanacetum vulgare 500+ fresh seeds from Ural mountains

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Common tansy (Latin: Tanacétum vulgáre) is a perennial herbaceous plant, the type species of the genus tansy of the Asteraceae family.
Among the folk names "field pock", "pock wild", "preparating", "Sorokopudov", "dewatering".
In some places in Russia, other plants are called tansy, for example, yarrow (Achillea), common flax (Linaria vulgaris), krestovnik (Senecio), etc.
It grows throughout Europe, in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, China, Japan and Korea.
It grows on roads, fields, borders, in bushes, on edges, in meadow steppes, birch forests, on dry meadows. It does not form large thickets, but is found everywhere. Plant of forest and forest-steppe zone. It clogs long-term grasses, meadows, pastures, gardens, and vegetable gardens.
A perennial turf plant 50-150 cm high. The plant has a characteristic (camphor) smell.
The rhizome is long, woody, creeping, branching.
The stems are numerous, straight, faceted, branched in the upper part, slightly pubescent or glabrous.
The leaves are alternate, oblong-ovate, twice pinnate. The flowers are small, bisexual, regular, yellow, tubular, collected in baskets, and those, in turn, in dense apical corymbose inflorescences.
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