Cirsium arvense 20+ PCS fresh seeds, Creeping thistle, Canada thistle seeds, Field thistle, Flowering plant

Oreshka seeds
Creeping thistle, Canada thistle seeds, Field thistle (lat. Cirsium arvense)

A perennial plant. The leaves form a basal rosette, from which then grows a stem with a height of 30 to 200 cm; in the upper part the stem branches.
A strong taproot can penetrate 2-3 meters, sometimes there are roots with a length of 5-6 meters. Approximately at a depth of 35 cm from the main root, tuberous thickened roots that contain a supply of nutrients (inulin) depart parallel to the surface[3].
The plant is usually dioecious, reproduces well vegetatively. It happens that a colony (polycormon) is formed only from individuals of the same sex. Then the plant blooms, but does not give seeds. The flowering time in the European part of Russia is from June to October.
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