Polemonium caeruleum 50 fresh seeds. Jacobs Ladder Blue Pear Flower seeds

Oreshka seeds
Blue cyanosis, azure cyanosis, azure cyanosis

A tall perennial herbaceous plant with a thick, short rhizome and numerous dense roots. Plant height 35-140 cm. Stems are single, erect, hollow.

The leaves are alternate, odd-pinnate, glabrous.

Flowers range from blue to purple, occasionally white; collected in paniculate inflorescences at the ends of the stems. It blooms in June - July, starting from the second year of life, for 15-20 days.

The fruit is a three-locular, almost spherical capsule. The seeds are numerous, dark brown or black, 3 mm long. The seeds ripen in August - September.

It is cultivated as a valuable medicinal and melliferous plant, as well as for decorative purposes.
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