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Vegetable cumin, or common cumin (Carum carvi)

A biennial plant, a species of the Cumin genus (Carum) of the Umbrella family (Apiaceae).

Common names: Anis, field, anise, wild, kmin, Timon, kimin, anise, gunba, the city, Hanus

It is used in cooking and medicine.

Delicious vegetable cumin: a biennial Spicy plant. The fruit has a pleasant strong aroma.

To buy the seeds, plant the vegetable Delicious Caraway (Carum carvi)

The plant is 60-80 cm high. In the 1st year it forms a rosette of leaves, in the 2nd – stems and seeds.

The plant is light-, moisture-loving, frost-resistant.

The leaves are strongly dissected and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. The rosette of leaves is raised. The flowers are small and white.

The yield of green mass is 1.6-1.7 kg/sq. m.

It is recommended for using leaves and young shoots in salads, seeds - for flavoring culinary, confectionery products, pickling cabbage and cucumbers.

To buy the seeds, plant the vegetable Delicious Caraway (Carum carvi)

In folk medicine, cumin fruits are used for cancer, eye diseases, neuroses, metabolic disorders, intoxication, indigestion and flatulence.

Soils are preferably Chernozem, sandy loam and light loam with a sufficient content of humus. Demanding of light, tolerates partial shade.

In the first year of life, loosening of row spacing, weeding and fertilizing is carried out.

In the fall, you need to make a deep loosening, make fertilizers.

Seeds are formed in the second year. They are removed when it begins to turn brown. When ripe, the seeds easily crumble. To prevent crop losses, plants at the beginning of seed drilling are pulled out, tied in bundles and placed under a canopy, placing burlap or paper, where the seeds will fall off.

Landing: Sowing in a permanent place or on seedlings. The depth of seeding is 1-1. 5 cm.

Seeds germinate at a temperature of 7-8C. Seedlings emerge in 18 to 25 days after sowing. Seedlings can easily tolerate freezing.
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