Galega officinalis 500+ fresh seeds, Galega seeds, Herb, Culinary Herb

Herbaceous perennial. The stem is high, 40-90 cm high, at the nodes of the b. m. bent, branched, glabrous or covered with scattered, pressed, white short hairs, stipules are broadly lanceolate, semi-strelovid, 0.5—1 cm long, sharp; leaves are non-pinnate, 5-20 cm long. with 5-10 pairs of oblong, linear—lanceolate leaflets, 1-4 cm long and 0.4-1.5 cm wide, at the top with elongated tip and shortened 0.5 mm petiole. Flowers are numerous with a pedicel equal to the calyx, in apical oblong racemes, elongated, 8-27 cm long., dense, with elongated axillary peduncles exceeding the leaves; peduncles, bracts, pedicels and calyx b. h. covered with very rare pressed hairs; bracts narrowly linear, filiform, exceeding the pedicel.; calyx 4-5 mm long. and 1.5 mm wide. with filiform, longer than the tube, with teeth; Corolla light blue or almost white [var.persica (pers.) Schmalh.]; flag oblong-back-ovate, approx. 1 cm long, obtuse; wings approx. 1 cm long with oblong ears at the base; the boat is almost equal to the wings, blunt; beans on the leg, 2-4 cm long and 2.5— 3 mm wide, naked, standing up or horizontal [var. patula (Stev.) Schmalh.] with transverse partitions between the seeds; kidney—shaped seeds, 3 mm long and 1.5 mm wide, brown, smooth, Matt, VI-VIII.
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