Potentilla argentea 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Silver cinquefoil, Silverweed, Hoary cinquefoil seeds, Silver-leaf cinquefoil, Flower herb

Oreshka seeds
Silver cinquefoil, Silverweed, Hoary cinquefoil seeds, Silver-leaf cinquefoil (lat. Potentilla argentea)

A perennial herbaceous plant. The rhizome is powerful, tuberous, woody, dressed with brown remnants of stipules.
The stems are arched upward, more often weak, slender, 10-30 cm tall, well-leafed, dressed, as well as petioles and younger, with white or grayish felt with an admixture of rare simple hairs.
The root and lower stem leaves are long-petiolate, 5(7) - shaped, the middle and upper stem leaves are 3-5-shaped, the bracts are relatively well developed, usually trifoliate; the stipules of the root leaves are brownish-filmy with long linear-lanceolate ears; the stipules of the stem leaves are herbaceous, narrow-ovate, pointed, whole or with teeth; the leaflets are spaced (not touching), obovate, with a narrow-wedge-shaped base, 1-3 cm long, coarsely irregularly incised-toothed at the tip, with 2-5 teeth or blades on each side, the middle leaflet of the root rosette very rarely develops more than three teeth on each side; their teeth or blades are sharp or more often obtuse, mostly strongly curled along the edge; on top they are dressed with sparse, rather long hairs or bare, green, glossy, the bottom is thickly white-felt.
The inflorescence is loose, corymbose-paniculate, multi-flowered, spread out; flowers are more often on short pedicels, medium-sized, 10-12 mm in diameter; the calyx is sparsely grayish-greenish-felt, with an admixture of long hairs; the outer sepals are oblong-linear, obtuse, usually equal to or shorter than the ovate, insular inner ones; the petals are somewhat spaced, obovate, notched, barely longer than the sepals, light yellow, the disc is sparsely hairy; the stamens are short; the anthers are small, rounded-ovate, light yellow. The column at the base is usually thickened and covered with papillae, with a wide stigma, slightly shorter than the mature fruit. Blooms in June — July. The fruits are small, thinly wrinkled.
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