Amaranth Ostberg 100 PCS fresh seeds, Amaranthus

Oreshka seeds
Amaranth Ostberg (lat. Amaranthus)

A spectacular annual fast-growing plant with original inflorescences. It can be used in-group plantings on a lawn background. Inflorescences look good in bouquets and winter compositions.
Flowering in July-September. Sowing in March-April for seedlings. Shoots appear after 7-10 days at a temperature of 20-25C. Seedlings in the phase of two real leaves should be planted in peat pots. Plants develop normally at a temperature of 12-15C.
Plant in the ground when the threat of frost passes, without damaging the earthen lump. The distance between the plants is 40-50 cm. It is possible to sow in the ground in May.
Amaranth prefers loose, fertile soils and a sunny, sheltered place from the wind. It requires abundant watering during dry periods. Plants up to 100 cm tall, crimson inflorescences-panicles.
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