Sweet basil Lemon 50 PCS fresh seeds, Ocimum Basilicum Limonniy

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Sweet basil 'Lemon' (Ocimum Basilicum 'Limonniy')
Lemon basil is a hybrid obtained by crossing sweet basil and its American variety. It was originally bred for cooking. It is a plant with an erect stem with many branches, up to 0.4 meters high. It has a moderately developed root system, represented by the main root with appendages.
Oblong pointed leaves of light green color with a lemon tint are slightly pubescent. There are notches along the edges. From the axils of the apical leaves, two-sided flowers of a white hue develop. The flowering period lasts from 14 to 45 days. After it, the fruit is formed from 4 nuts, which contain small brown-brown seeds.
Lemon basil has a pronounced citrus aroma, with notes of lemon balm and camphor. The taste also resembles lemon, so this variety is often used in the preparation of fish dishes, desserts and drinks.
Lemon basil is not only an original spice that allows you to reveal and emphasize the taste of dishes. As such, herbs do not have medicinal qualities, but they are a real storehouse of health benefits.
Lemon basil has the following useful properties:
normalizes cholesterol levels and strengthens blood vessels; strengthens the immune system; relieves tension, fatigue and improves attention; cleanses the body, removes toxins; has an antiseptic and bactericidal effect; helps to reduce the temperature during heat.
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