Leningrad pasture ryegrass 1000+ PCS / 10000+ PCSfresh seeds, Lolium perenne

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Leningrad pasture ryegrass (lat. Lolium perenne)

Leningrad pasture ryegrass, perennial chaff, English ryegrass, or Pasture ryegrass is a herbaceous flowering plant.
The root system is quite powerful, highly branched and densely lumpy. It penetrates deeply into the soil layer, followed by strengthening and formation of medium-strength sod. Generative (fruiting) the stems are either knee ascending or erect, not too thin and well leafed in the lower part. In addition, pasture ryegrass is capable of launching a variety of shortened and abundantly leafy vegetative shoots.
A significant number of leaves are concentrated on shortened vegetative shoots at a height of about 10-18 cm from the level of the soil layer. This is of key importance when arranging lawn areas where the bevel is frequent and quite low.
The leaves are 8-17 cm long and 1-5 mm wide and have a dark green color. At the bottom, they are intensely green, shiny and quite bright. The flowering period is in June. The seeds ripen in July.
The main advantages of pasture ryegrass are its ability to form a thick and beautiful carpet grass stand already in the first year of the life cycle after 1-1.5 months from the moment of sowing the seed material.
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