Leningrad pasture ryegrass 50 grams fresh seeds, Lolium perenne

Oreshka seeds
Leningrad pasture ryegrass, Perennial chaff, English ryegrass, Pasture ryegrass (Latin Lolium perenne)

Herbaceous flowering plant. The leaves are 8-17 cm long and 1-5 mm wide and have a dark green color. At the bottom they are intensely green, shiny and quite bright. The flowering period is in June. The seeds ripen in July.

The main advantages of pasture ryegrass are its ability to form a thick and truly beautiful carpet grass already in the first year of the life cycle after 1-1.5 months from the moment of sowing the seed material.

It serves as an excellent decoration as a natural greener. It is planted in parks, gardens or on sports grounds. It is perfectly adjacent to alfalfa and pink clover, and cereals such as meadow bluegrass, fescue or grebennik will be an addition to the grass cover.
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