Sage Herb 15 Seeds/Salvia Officinalis fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
It is used for diseases of the oral cavity and respiratory organs. Perennial. Salvia officinalis

The plant is up to 60-80 cm tall. The leaves are oblong, grayish-green in color, 3-8 cm long and 1-2 cm wide. The inflorescence is spike-shaped with 8-12 whorls, 28-42 cm long. The flower is large, blue-purple. It is used as a medicinal, spicy-aromatic, decorative and honey-bearing plant. Value of the variety: resistance to drought, diseases and pests.

Agrotechnics. Sowing for seedlings in April, to a depth of 2-3 cm. Seedlings are planted at the age of 3-5 leaves according to the scheme 10 x 20 cm. Further care consists in watering, weeding, loosening, fertilizing.
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