Giant of Italy Parsley 100 PCS fresh seeds, Italian parsley, Petroselinum neapolitanum, Italian plain leaf parsley organic seeds, Non GMO

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Giant of Italy Parsley, Italian parsley, Italian plain leaf parsley organic seeds (lat. Petroselinum neapolitanum)

Parsley "Italian Giant" is a popular medium-ripened variety of smooth-leaved parsley of foreign selection. It has a high yield, an increased rate of growth of foliage after cutting and a pleasant aroma. The average mass of parsley is 75-85 g. The plant has a large, semi-vertical rosette. Medium-sized, but still large in comparison with other varieties, parsley leaves have a triangular shape, deep incisions of the lobes, a tart aroma and a pleasant dark green color. The stem of the plant is dense. The petiole is of medium length and medium thickness. The height of the bush can reach 30-60 cm. You can get 25 leaves from one bush. It grows well even in the shade, so it is very convenient to grow. In addition, parsley has a strong aroma, which also adds to this variety of attractiveness in the eyes of buyers. As already mentioned above, the variety of parsley "Italian Giant" is valued for its high yield. With proper care, you can collect 2-5 kg of parsley from one square meter. This plant, like all spicy herbs, rises quite slowly. This is due to the large amount of essential oils contained in the seed shell. Usually the first shoots appear in fifteen to twenty days. If the soil is dry, seed germination may take 3-4 weeks. This process can be accelerated if the seeds are sprouted in advance.
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