Sanguisorba officinalis 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Burnet, Great burnet, Burnet pink tanna, Sanguisorba Minor, Perennial flower, herb

Oreshka seeds
Burnet, Great burnet, Burnet pink tanna, Sanguisorba Minor (lat. Sanguisorba officinalis)

A perennial herbaceous plant
The rhizome is thick, horizontal, up to 12 cm long, woody, with numerous long and thin lobed roots.
The stem is mostly single, branched at the top, ribbed, hollow inside, glabrous, erect, 30-90 cm high.
The basal leaves are long-stemmed, large, non-pinnate with seven to twenty — five leaflets, shiny dark green above, dull bluish-green below; the stem is sessile, non-pinnate. The leaves are oblong-ovate, bordered or pointed at the edge.
The flowers are small, dark red, almost black-purple, collected in oval, sometimes spike-shaped heads 1-3 cm long, on long straight peduncles. The flowers are bisexual with brownish-membranous, hairy, elongated bracts. The calyx consists of four sepals that fall off during fruit, there is no corolla. There are four stamens. Pistil with a filamentous column and a glabrous stigma covered with papillae, and with a lower ovary. Blooms from July to August.
Fruits — single-seeded dry tetrahedral nuts 3-3. 5 mm long, brown in color-ripen in August — September.
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