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A perennial herbaceous plant of the family of compound flowers (Comrositae), up to 2 m tall, with a cylindrical multi-headed rhizome and several stems forming a bush.

The roots are woody, rather thick. The aboveground part of the plant has a "wormwood smell". The stems are erect, ribbed, brown-purple, woody at the bottom, branched at the top.

The leaves are large, alternate, dark green above, glabrous, whitish-or grayish - felt below, pinnately separate, except apical. The lower leaves are on petioles, the rest are sessile. The bract leaves are whole. The leaf blades vary greatly.

The flowers are tubular, very small, numerous, reddish or yellowish, collected in 20-40 pieces. in baskets forming a thick long paniculate inflorescence. The outer flowers are female, the inner ones are bisexual.

The fruits of common wormwood are flattened thin-ribbed achenes, olive-brownish in color. It blooms in July-August, the fruits ripen in August - September. It is propagated by seeds and vegetatively.
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