Nivyanik ordinary 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Leucanthemum vulgare

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Nivyanik ordinary (lat. Leucanthemum vulgare)

Nivyanik ordinary or Popovnik is a species of perennial herbaceous plants of the genus Nivyanik of the Asteraceae family, or Compound flowers (Asteraceae).
The perennial plant grows to a height of 30-80 cm, has a taproot with well-developed lateral processes. On a straight, strong stem, there is one flower basket with a diameter of 7-10 cm on top. The tubular flowers (the so-called middle) are always yellow, and the marginal (petals) are white.
The fruit of the plant is a cylindrical achene that matures in September-October after the summer flowering of the nivyanik. This species reproduces vegetatively or by seeds. Frost resistance characterizes it. Favorable conditions of vegetation are good humidity and illumination.
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