Tarragon Goodwin 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Artemisia dracunculus

Oreshka seeds
Tarragon Goodwin (lat. Artemisia dracunculus)

A delicious spicy-aromatic plant that is actively used in folk medicine. The plant has a number of useful properties and is widely used in cooking. The culture is famous for its unpretentiousness, so even a novice gardener can get an excellent harvest.
Tarragon Goodwin is a high-yielding variety. Up to 500-600 grams of greenery are obtained from one plant per season. The leaves with a silvery coating have a bitter taste. They are valued more for their pronounced spicy aroma. Suitable for growing at home throughout the year.
Sowing is carried out in April-May in seedling boxes. Apply an ordinary method with a distance between the rows of 50 cm. The seeds are very small, so they are not buried and only lightly sprinkled with earth. Sprouts appear in two weeks. Young plants need to be thinned and can be left for the winter in seedling boxes, planted in the open ground only for the second year.
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