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Oreshka seeds
Precocious, very productive. The leaves are smooth, dark green, 40-50 cm long. Root vegetables are conical, pointed, weighing up to 200 g, with white flesh, excellent taste. Both root and greens are used. Excellent winters in the ground.

The value of the variety: resistance to blooming, low temperatures, good keeping capacity, root crops do not crack.

Sowing of seeds is carried out in several periods: in early spring (late April - early may), under winter (October - November), in mid-summer (late June). Winter sowing is carried out with dry seeds. In spring, parsley is sown in moistened grooves at a distance of 3-4 cm in a row and 20-30 cm between rows. Top crops are mulched with peat. To speed up seed germination, the crops are covered with a film, which is removed when seedlings appear.
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