50 Red Perilla fresh Seeds , Perilla Frutescens Seeds, Red beefsteak plant Seeds , beefsteak leaf

Oreshka seeds
Perilla vegetable Rosinka

The variety is early ripening, cold-resistant, with a long growing season - 135-150 days. The plant is tall - 120-140 cm, the stem is erect, branching, tetrahedral. The weight of one plant is 200-500 g.

Perilla greens are juicy, tender with a refreshing taste and an unusual soft aroma, where there are tones of caramel, anise flowers and very light peppery tones.

It is recommended for fresh use of green young leaves (salads, meat and fish dishes); in the technical ripeness phase, the leaves are salted and pickled, and also used in the form of powder from dry leaves as an aromatic additive to meat and vegetable dishes.
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