Bedrenets saxifrage 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Pimpinella saxifraga

Oreshka seeds
Bedrenets saxifrage (lat. Pimpinella saxifraga)

A perennial herbaceous plant. The rhizome is multi-headed, the root is fusiform, branched, brown, up to 20 cm long and up to 1.5 cm wide, the root neck is covered with fibrous remnants of dead leaves.
The stem is 15-80 cm high, erect, hollow, rounded, thinly ribbed, dense, at the base with a rosette of basal leaves, branched, leafy only in the lower part, almost leafless at the top, together with the leaves short pubescent or almost naked.
The leaves are pinnate. The lower ones, together with petioles, are 10-20 cm long, with ovate or rounded-ovate, obtuse, coarsely toothed, short petiolate or sessile leaflets, including three to five pairs; the final leaflet is often three—lobed or three-divided. The middle stem leaves are few with leaves more deeply dissected into narrow lobes, wedge-shaped at the base, almost twice pinnate, sessile on the sheaths. The upper ones have a simple pinnate or three-part small plate and lanceolate or almost linear lobes. The uppermost leaves with a reduced lamina.
Umbrellas with 6-21 thin naked rays, 5-8 cm across, corymbose; there are no wrappers and wrappers. The teeth of the calyx are among five, not pronounced. The petals are white, rarely pinkish, about 1 mm long, bristly-hairy on the outside, notched at the top, with a lobe bent inward. There are five stamens.
Flowering in June-August. Seeds ripen in late July-early August, mass maturation — at the end of August.
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