Timofeevka lugovaya 1000+ PCS fresh seeds, Phlum pratense

Oreshka seeds
Timofeevka lugovaya (lat. Phlum pratense)

A perennial herbaceous plant that forms loose bushes, hummocks are rarely formed. Hemicryptophyte. The stems are hollow; with a height of 30 to 100 cm. Stem with 3-5 nodes, sweet to the taste. The leaf blade is light blue and green, unpeeled, 3-8 mm wide and 6-40 cm long. There is a leaf sheath. The ligule of the upper leaves is 5 mm in length, obtuse.
A plant of a long day, the critical duration of the day is 12 hours. Timofeevka meadow is widely distributed in the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
It grows in meadows, pastures, as part of lawns and on roadsides, rarely grows in forests. It prefers nutritious, moderately moist, medium or heavy soils. A cold-resistant plant.
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