Elecampane high 50 fresh seeds (Inula helenium). Yellow flower, Herb

Oreshka seeds
Elecampane high (lat. Inula helenium)

A perennial herbaceous plant, the genus of Elecampane (Inula) of the Asteraceae family (Asteraceae).
The rhizome is thick, short, fleshy, with a few thick roots extending from it. The rhizomes and roots are brown on the outside, yellowish on the inside.
The stem is erect, furrowed, pubescent with short thick white hairs, 100-175 cm high.
The leaves are alternate, large, unequal-toothed, velvety-grayish-yellow from below; the basal leaves are petiolate, elliptic or elongated-ovate.
Inflorescences are baskets, 6-7 cm in diameter, located singly at the ends of stems and branches, collectively forming an irregular shield or brush. The leaves of the wrapper are arranged in a tiled pattern; the inner ones are filmy, linear, smooth, the middle ones are expanded at the end; the outer ones are ovate, grayish-felt, resembling small leaves. The flowers are yellow, with a dirty-white tuft of hairs instead of a calyx; the marginal ones are pistillate, ligulate, with a linear bend of the corolla, the median ones are bisexual, tubular, with five denticles.
The fruit is an oblong, four-sided brown or brown achene with a tuft twice its length.
Blooms in July—September. The fruits ripen in August—October.
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