Anthemis tinctoria 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Cota tinctoria, Dyer's chamomile seeds, Golden marguerite seeds, Yellow Chamomile, Herb flower seeds

Oreshka seeds
Dyer's chamomile seeds, Golden marguerite seeds, Yellow Chamomile (lat. Cota tinctoria, Anthemis tinctoria)

A perennial herbaceous plant. A profusely branching herbaceous plant with erect stems. The height of adult plants is from 25 cm to one meter.
The leaves are alternate, pinnately dissected, wrinkled, bluish-green, covered with spider hairs, quite large. In the first year, only a rosette of leaves develops, flower-bearing stems appear only in the second year.
The flowers are collected in single baskets with a diameter of up to 6 cm, which sit on long peduncles. The color of the marginal flowers is yellow or orange. The plant blooms from June to August, bears fruit in August. The fruit is a smooth tetrahedral flattened achene.
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