Round-leaved grushanka 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Pyrola rotundifolia

Oreshka seeds
Round-leaved grushanka (lat. Pyrola rotundifolia)

A perennial plant with a long, branched, thin rhizome, from the nodes of which there are subordinate roots and aboveground, ribbed stems 15-30 cm high, at the base of which there is a rosette of crowded leaves, and above 1-2 oblong-ovate brownish, scaly leaves.
Rosette leaves are leathery, slightly glossy, rounded or oval, sometimes slightly heart-shaped at the base, indistinctly bordered or almost whole-edged at the edges, with a plate 3-6 cm long and 1.5-5.5 cm wide, on petioles up to 12 cm long, less often almost equal to the leaf plate or slightly shorter.
The flowers are rejected, less often drooping, collected in 8-15-flower brushes 6-16 cm long. The fruit is a flattened-spherical capsule with a length of 4.5-5 mm and a width of 6-8 mm.
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