Lysimachia vulgaris 50 PCS fresh seeds, yellow loosestrife, garden loosestrife, Herb seeds

Oreshka seeds
Common verbena (Latin Lysimachia vulgaris).

A perennial herbaceous plant found in forests (especially in damp forests), in meadows, near swamps, along the shores of reservoirs.

The rhizome is creeping. The stem is erect, the height of adult plants is from 50 to 100 cm.

The leaves are lanceolate, with a solid edge, smooth from above, pubescent from below, located on the stem or opposite, or whorled (three or four).

Flowers with a five-part calyx and a five-part corolla of yellow color; five stamens; ovary rounded or ovate, filamentous column, head-shaped stigma. The flowers are collected in paniculate inflorescences on the tops of the stems.

Flowering time is June — August. The fruit is a box, the fruit ripening time is August—September.
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