Nuphar lutea 10 PCS / 100 PCS fresh seeds, Yellow water-lily, Brandy-bottle, Spadderdock, Water lily, Aquatic plant, Flower seeds

Oreshka seeds
Yellow water-lily, Brandy-bottle, Spadderdock, Water lily, Aquatic plant (lat. Nuphar lutea)

A perennial aquatic plant. The rhizome is yellow-green horizontal, thick, fleshy, 3-10 cm thick, covered with diamond-shaped rounded scars from fallen leaves. The lower leaves are submerged, on short petioles, thin, translucent, with fibrous edges. The floating leaves are ovate, on long triangular petioles. The leaf blades are round or heart-shaped-oval, leathery, light green in color. The width of the leaf blade is 15-19 cm. The flowers are floating single, apical, yellow, 4-6 cm in diameter, with the smell of alcohol to attract pollinators (sometimes self-pollination is possible). Flowering in June — September. The fruits are smooth, multi-nesting, 4-5 mm long, ripen on the surface of water. The fruit is an ovoid-conical capsule with numerous seeds. Development in water, maturation in August-September. Reproduction is seminal and vegetative.
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