Seeds of Aquatic plants

Seeds of Aquatic plants

Happy owners of the pond are lucky, because they can bring blooming beauty not only in the garden, but also in the pond!

Vegetation will not only fill it with bright colors, but will also take care of the water element.

The benefits of landscaping the reservoir is to create a shadow on the water due to large leaves. This prevents excessive sun exposure, which leads to intensive growth of algae. Thus, the water remains clean and transparent for a long time.

Some plants, such as irises, water Buttercup, cattails, and eichornia, help purify water. This is true during the hot summer period, when bacteria multiply very quickly, which leads to "blooming" and rotting water.

Planting of the reservoir must be carried out taking into account zoning. The coastal part, free from water, can be decorated with moisture-loving plants: fern, boxwood, willow. By the way, trees are especially relevant for this area, because they give additional shade to the water. In the swampy zone - from the edge of the water, to a depth of 10 cm, plant cattails, strelolist, reeds. For shallow water, mannikin, calamus, and iris are good. Water lilies, lotuses, and water nuts will be happy to populate the deep-water zone.

The end of spring - the beginning of summer is the best time for sowing, since by the time the plants are immersed in water, it should warm up to at least 10⁰. It is convenient to use containers for growing, this will allow you to change the composition at any time, as well as remove water inhabitants for the winter or before cleaning the pond.

Of course, the success of growing any plant is a quality seed material. This is famous for our nursery-seed bank. Because our employees conduct a painstaking search around the world for rare plant varieties that can develop in different latitudes of Russia. We are not just engaged in the sale of seeds and seedlings, selection and cultivation of hardy species is our main activity.

You can populate the pond with delicate flowers and delicious nuts using the seeds of our nursery. Komarov's far Eastern Lotus, nut-bearing Lotus, Maximovich's water nut and Chilim Manchurian water nut are ready to decorate your pond.

Shipping is carried out all over the world.