Umbellate susak 100 PCS fresh seeds, Butomus umbellatus

Oreshka seeds
Umbellate susak (lat. Butomus umbellatus)

Is a species of perennial herbaceous plants. Eurasian plant, widely distributed in swamps, in stagnant and flowing waters, along the marshy banks of rivers and lakes almost everywhere in the zone of temperate and warm climate, usually in thickets of reeds and reeds.
Everywhere in Russia, except in the Far North and North-East. It is introduced and naturalized almost everywhere in the world. In some regions, it has been introduced into culture.
Herbaceous coastal-aquatic plant (height from 50 cm to one and a half meters) with a thick juicy horizontal rhizome.
The leaves are erect, long (up to 1 m long), narrow (up to 1 cm across), flat, only at the base are faceted, they depart from the very base of the stem.
The stem is leafless, straight, above the leaves, round, at the top with an umbrella of large pinkish-white flowers (up to 2.5 cm in diameter). The flowers are regular, with six pinkish tepals, nine stamens and six pistils. Blooms in the middle of summer.
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