Siberian fir. Abies sibirica. SEEDS 30 PCS.

Oreshka seeds
Siberian fir is the most common tree in Russia and belongs to the pine family. This is an evergreen tree with a height of about 30 meters and an incredible columnar crown. The crown begins to form almost from the root.

Pine needles are not prickly at all and smell very nice. They are used to produce the world-famous Fir balm. In may, the fir begins to bloom. It has male and female individuals, as the male has yellow spikelets, and the female has purple cones.

The fir is propagated by seeds that ripen in cones. Spruce grows for a long time, so it belongs to the centenarians of the planet. Despite its high frost-resistant qualities, fir is a very thermophilic tree. Its growth requires a rich soil and a lot of moisture.

Fir has many medicinal properties, so it is used in medicine. For these purposes, collect its buds, young shoots, needles, resin and bark.
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