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Seeds of Coniferous

Seeds of Coniferous

Majestic coniferous trees can ennoble any area. In addition, they are no less useful than beauty.

First, they are a source of biologically active substances that destroy pathogens. Breathing coniferous air is not only pleasant, but also useful.

Secondly, needles, cones, and bark have healing properties. This is a live first aid kit in your garden.

Third, Christmas trees and pines not only delight with their green decoration all year round, but also create a new year's mood.

Fourth, coniferous trees are excellent noise absorbers. They will be especially relevant for houses located along roads.

Fifth, they help fertilize the earth with useful humus-cones, needles, scales from the trunks, unlike deciduous trees, which only Deplete the soil.

Most classifications distinguish 3 main groups of conifers:

Pine. These include spruce, pine, and fir.

Cypress - this is the cypress itself, juniper, thuja.

Yew. They are represented by tis, torreya.

Coniferous trees are propagated in two ways: by seeds-cones and seedlings. The best time for planting is in autumn, from the end of August to November. In non-hot regions, you can also land from the end of April to the beginning of may.

Coniferous trees are extremely unpretentious in cultivation: they can grow in both fertile and sandy land, are calm in the neighborhood with absolutely any vegetation, are tolerant of lack of light and moisture, due to the natural correct shape and slow growth do not require frequent pruning. But their diversity is a godsend for landscape design!

In our nursery you can buy different varieties of spruce, including blue, a variety of types of cedar from the Himalayan to Siberian, cedar elm, fir, juniper.

Of course, the success of growing any plant is a quality seed material. This is famous for our nursery - seed bank. Because our employees conduct a painstaking search around the world for rare plant varieties that can develop in different latitudes of Russia. We are not just engaged in the sale of seeds and seedlings, selection and cultivation of hardy species is our main activity.

Have you already decided to dance around your own Christmas tree? For great and useful coniferous trees, we are waiting for You in our nursery "Oreshka".

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