Evergreen Colorado Blue Spruce 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Picea Pungens Glauca

Oreshka seeds
In nature, blue spruce grows singly or in small groups near rivers, on the Northern slopes of mountains. The blue shade of spruce is achieved by covering its needles with a dense wax layer. With age, the rich color fades. Mountains are considered the halo of spruce habitat, although its decorative species successfully grows near the sea. Spruce is very fond of wet habitat.

Spruce is considered an evergreen tree, has a regular conical shape and branches begin to form from the ground. Spruce seeds ripen in the cones, which are completely apart.

There is no need to talk about the medicinal properties of spruce. They are widely known. To prepare the medicine, use its inflorescences, cones, young shoots, bark and resin. It is widely used in folk medicine, especially its needles. On the basis of its resin, therapeutic ointments and tinctures are made, which have a very beneficial effect on the body.
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