Mountain Pine Tree Seeds (Pinus mugo mughus). SEEDS 30 PCS

Oreshka seeds
Mountain pine is often used as a species taken from Latin (Pinus mugo Mughus-mountain pine Mugus). Mountain pine is a favorite of gardeners who arrange rockeries or rocky slides. Nurseries distribute dwarf and miniature forms that are quite similar to each other. There are varieties with the original color of needles or different arrangement of needles on the branches.

In its natural habitat, in mountainous areas of Central and southern Europe, wild mountain pine grows in the form of a tall tree or shrub, often spherical or broadly ovate silhouette.

The height of mountain pine bushes by 30 years of development reaches 1-3 m, diameter-up to 1.5-4 m. Most plants have a well-developed Central taproot and spreading surface processes.
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