Tree Seed Set - Coniferous Lush Northern Forest / Coniferous Forest Lush Trees

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Tree Seed Set - Coniferous Lush Northern Forest / Coniferous Forest Lush Trees

The seed set consists of:
Blue spruce seeds, Scots Pine seeds, European Spruce seeds, Nordman Fir seeds, Mountain Pine Seeds, Metasequoia seeds.

Blue spruce seeds:
Blue spruce, or prickly spruce (Latin: Pīcea pūngens) is an evergreen coniferous tree with a height of 25-30 m, rarely up to 46 m. The trunk diameter is up to 1.5 m. The bark is thin, scaly. The crown is narrowly conical in young trees, and becomes cylindrical in old trees.

Scots pine seeds:
Common pine (Latin: Pínus sylvéstris) is a plant, a widespread species of the genus Pine of the Pine family (Pinaceae). It grows naturally in Europe and Asia. A tree with a height of 25-40 m and a trunk diameter of 0.5-1.2 m. The tallest trees (up to 45-50 m) grow on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. The trunk is straight. The crown is highly raised, cone-shaped, and then rounded, wide, with branches horizontally arranged in whorls.

European spruce seeds:
Common spruce, or European spruce (Latin: Pícea ábies), is a coniferous tree, a species of the genus Spruce (Picea) of the Pine family (Pinaceae). The plant is used in landscaping, as well as in decorative gardening. Spruce wood is widely used, including in industry. Immature cones are medicinal raw materials.

Nordman fir seeds:
Nordmann's fir, Nordmann's fir, or Caucasian fir (Latin: Ábies nordmanniána), is a species of tree in the genus Fir of the Pinaceae family. The natural range is the mountains of the eastern Black Sea region: Turkey, Georgia, the Russian Caucasus, northern Armenia and north-west Azerbaijan. It is demanding to the humidity of the air and the softness of winters, to the summer heat, as well as to the moisture and fertility of the soil. Extremely shade-tolerant at all ages, and in the young (especially the first years of life) - very shade-loving (shade or partial shade is preferred). Overgrown trees with formed dense crowns develop well even in full sunlight.

Pinus mugo
(Latin: Pinus mugo) — a coniferous plant, tree or shrub; a species of the genus Pinus (Pinus) of the Pine family (Pinaceae). A shrub with rising trunks or a single trunk. The crown is skittled or creeping with many trunks. The bark is gray-brownish, scaly, exfoliated by uneven plates. Young shoots are light green, later brown (dark brown), glabrous.

Metasequoia seeds:
Metasequoia (Latin: Metasequoia) is a genus of coniferous trees in the Cypress family (Cupressaceae). The tree is up to 35 meters tall, with a trunk diameter of up to 2 meters. The crown is conical in young trees, becoming rounded with age. The bark is reddish-brown in young trees, but becomes darker, grayer, and cracked over time. The leaves are double-rowed, linear, fall off for the winter, sometimes even the shoots fall off. Monoecious plant. The cones are almost spherical, up to 2 cm in diameter, on long legs. In 20 years, it reaches 20 m in height and up to 1.5 m in trunk girth. Cones appear at 6-9 years and give germinating seeds. The life span is about 600 years.

Included seeds:
Blue spruce seeds 30 pcs;
Scots pine seeds 50 pcs;
European spruce seeds 50 pcs;
Nordman fir seeds 30 pcs;
Mountain pine seeds 30 pcs;
Metasequoia seeds 50 pcs.

And nice bonuses from us: a lunar calendar, stickers on pots, a quick guide to germinating seeds and gift seeds!
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