Bunge pine 20+ PCS fresh seeds. Pinus bungeana

Bunge pine or, lace-bark pine (Pinus bungeana), belongs to the Pine family. It grows slowly and eventually reaches a height of 25-30 m, and in cross-section its trunk can have a diameter of about 1 m. The bark has a smooth structure and is colored gray-green. Over time, the flaking scales give it a gray-white color with reddish spots.
The needles are connected in small bundles of three. They are 9-15 cm long and reach 0.6–2 mm in cross-section. The needles are hard to the touch and dark green in color. The brown egg-shaped cones are covered with resin and are arranged on the branches in a single order or in twos. They have a length of 5-6 cm, a width of 4-5 cm, with back-curved spines at the shields. This coniferous tree is characterized by good frost resistance and can tolerate frosts up to -27°C. It should be borne in mind that the plant can suffer from snow breakage and ice load. This can break off the branches of the tree.
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