Thuja West Brabant 50+ PCS / 500 PCS fresh seeds, Thuja occidentalis Brabant

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Thuja West Brabant. Thuja occidentalis Brabant

The ancestor is the western thuja (Thuja occidentali), the plant can reach a record height of 38 m in favorable conditions, but usually does not grow above 20 m. At the same time, the annual growth is extremely small. The Brabant variety grows much faster-the annual growth is up to 30 cm in height and up to 10 cm in width. In the city limits, the maximum height is up to 4 m.
In the middle of spring, the tree blooms. Next, small (up to 1 cm in length) oblong brown cones are tied. Inside are seeds that can be used for reproduction. The Brabant variety is among the hardy, which grows even in harsh frosty winters. Demanding soil is also absent, so with equal success it is grown on alumina, chernozem, sandy loam and other soils.
The fastest young seedlings grow in the first 5 years of life. At this time, the annual increase reaches half a meter. In the future, the growth slows down, the trees grow only 30 cm per year. After 15-20 years, the tree can completely stop, or its growth becomes almost imperceptible.
Partial shade is the ideal lighting for young trees. This can be achieved by planting them along tall buildings that provide shade during part of the daylight hours. Next to tall and old trees, you should not plant young thuja, because the shading will be too strong.
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