Berry yew 10 PCS fresh seeds. Taxus baccata

Berry yew (Taxus baccata)
Syn.: berry yew, zelenitsa, negniyuchka, negnoy, mahogany.
Berry yew is an evergreen slow-growing coniferous tree or shrub. The yew tree belongs to the centenarians, there are known specimens that have lived up to 4000 years.
Berry yew (Latin: Tachys baccata) is a slow-growing coniferous tree or shrub with dense branching. It grows slowly, reaching a height of 2 meters in 20 years. The root system of the yew is quite well developed, so it can adapt to different conditions. Skeletal branches are horizontal or ascending obliquely upwards. The crown of the yew is ovate, spreading, multi-pinnate (in a tree) or cup-shaped (in shrubs).
The bark is thin, reddish-brown in color, with flaking plates. The leaves of the yew are linear, flat, leathery, located on short petioles. Yews are usually dioecious. Male cones are round, solitary, sitting in the leaf axils on the underside of the shoot. The female generative organs are also located. The seed is surrounded by a fleshy juicy shell of red color-arillus (roof, seedling) in the form of a glass, with a diameter of 5-8 mm. Yew seeds ripen in the current season, fall off in the fall and are carried by birds. All parts of the coniferous tree, except arillus, are poisonous.
Yew berry most often grows in mountain forests among firs, firs and beeches at an altitude of up to 1400 m above sea level. It can grow on sand, on swampy soils, but prefers podzolic or calcareous soils. The tree is on the verge of extinction and is protected in nature reserves.
For medicinal purposes, the needles and berries of the tree are used and harvested during maturation. The collected raw materials are dried in the shade in the open air. Store dried yew in tightly closed jars in a dry room, protected from light, and always separate from other medicinal plants.
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