Taxus baccata 10 PCS fresh seeds, Common yew, English yew tree

Oreshka seeds
Berry yew (lat. Taxus baccata). european yew, zelenitsa, negniyuchka, negnoy, mahogany

It is a slow-growing coniferous tree or shrub with dense branching. It grows slowly, reaching a height of 2 meters in 20 years. The root system of the yew is quite well developed, so it can adapt to different conditions. Skeletal branches are horizontal or ascending obliquely upwards. The crown of the yew is ovate, spreading, multi-vertex (in a tree) or cup-shaped (in shrubs).
The bark is thin, reddish-brown in color, with peeling plates. Yew leaves are linear, flat, leathery, located on short petioles. Yews are usually dioecious. Male cones are round, solitary, sitting in the leaf axils on the underside of the shoot. Female generative organs are also located.
Berry yew grows most often in mountain forests among firs, firs and beeches at an altitude of up to 1400 m above sea level. It can grow on sand, on swampy soils, but prefers podzol or calcareous soils.
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