Pine of Rumelia 15+ PCS fresh seeds, Balkan pine, Macedonian pine, Pinus peuce seeds

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Pine of Rumelia, or Balkan, or Macedonian (lat. Pinus peuce)

An evergreen monoecious tree of medium height, a species of the genus Pine (section Strobus) of the Pine family (Pinaceae).
It is a narrow-pyramidal tree of medium height, usually 10-20 m, with a thin pin-shaped crown starting almost from the ground itself. In mountainous areas, it often takes a bush-like shape. The bark is smooth, gray-brown, brown or red-brown. Branches are thick, short, glabrous; young shoots are glabrous, thick (3-4 mm), green, eventually acquiring a grayish or grayish-brown color. The buds are ovoid with a sharp tip, resinous, brown, up to 10 mm long. Straight triangular needles, 7-10 cm long, 0.75—1 mm wide; hard, green or gray-green, pointed at the ends, with light stomatal stripes on both sides. Collected in bundles of five pieces. The lateral edges of the needles are sparsely toothed (10-11 teeth per 1 cm). Cones are single or double, cylindrical, with hard scales, 8-10 cm long and up to 4 cm thick, mature in the third year. Seeds 5-7 mm long, wing length up to 15 mm.

Very decorative due to the shape of the crown. Relatively shade-tolerant, drought-resistant and fast-growing, unpretentious to soils. Tolerates urban conditions well. The advantage is immunity to fungal diseases, which makes it the best rootstock for pine trees.
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