Armand Pine 15 PCS fresh seeds. Pinus armandii

Oreshka seeds
Armand Pine - Pinus armandii
The homeland is China, the height of this evergreen coniferous tree is up to 20 m. The bark is thin, smooth, and gray in color. The crown is asymmetrical; the buds are slightly resinous, cylindrical in shape and brown in color. The needles are narrow, the length of which is 8-15 cm, bright green, collected in bundles of five needles.
The Armand Cedar Pine (Chinese White) blooms at the end of April, the ripe cones are 10-20 cm long, cylindrical, resinous, yellow-brown in color. The seeds of the Armanda cedar pine ripen in September.
The seeds are broadly ovate, 12-13 mm long and 8-9 mm wide, black or light brown in color, and fall out of the opened cones. It grows very slowly, lives up to 500 years.
This is a frost-resistant, light-loving plant. The soil for cultivation needs sandy, sandy loam, well-drained. Strong, soft wood, used in construction, in the manufacture of furniture, and for the production of pulp. The turpentine obtained from the resin is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
It is cultivated quite widely in Europe and North America. In Sukhumi, on the Black Sea coast, they are bred as an ornamental tree. It is recommended to carry out work on a wider distribution of this plant.
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