Abies nordmanniana 30 PCS fresh seeds, Nordmann fir, Caucasian fir, Christmas tree, Chrismas fir, Fir seeds, Evergreen coniferous tree

Oreshka seeds
Abies nordmanniana fresh seeds, Nordmann fir, Caucasian fir, Christmas tree, Chrismas fir, Fir seeds, Evergreen coniferous tree (lat. Abies nordmanniana).

A species of trees of the genus Fir of the Pine family (Pinaceae). The tree is 50-60 meters high, with a trunk up to 1.5-2 meters in diameter. The crown is narrow, cone-shaped, low-drooping. Windproof. At a young age, the crown tip is sharp, at an old age it is blunted. With the exception of the first 8-10 years of fast-growing fir. The root system is superficial, giving branches going deep down. The taproot is poorly developed, deepened to 1.5 (2) meters.

The bark on young shoots is shiny, yellow-green or light brown to brown-red, later smooth, gray. From the age of 80, the bark has longitudinal cracks, in old age it is gray-brown, deeply furrowed.

The buds are ovoid-conical, brownish-red, almost without resin. Needles are 15-40 mm long, 1.5-2.5 mm wide. Dark green on top, with two white stripes on the bottom. Rounded or two-part at the top. Falls on the 9th-13th year.

Flowering in early May. Cones are 12-20 cm long, 4-5 cm wide, at first green, later dark brown. The cones break up in November. Seeds are 8-12 mm long, the wing is shiny yellow-brown, or brown, wedge-shaped, 20-25 mm long. Germination is low. Harvest years in a year. Free-growing trees begin to bear fruit in 30-40 years, in plantings from 70 years.

It is demanding to the humidity of the air and the softness of winters, to the summer heat, as well as to the moisture and fertility of the soil. Extremely shade-tolerant at all ages, and at a young age (especially the first years of life) - very shade-loving (shade or partial shade is preferred). Overgrown trees with dense crowns formed develop well even in full sunlight.

Life expectancy is up to 500 years. The wood does not differ in appearance from the Siberian fir wood. In terms of decorativeness, European fir is better, due to a more lush and dense forking and a crown lowered to the ground.
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