White fir 10 PCS fresh seeds. Abies alba

Oreshka seeds
White fir, or comb fir, or European white fir, or European fir (lat. Abies alba).

An evergreen coniferous tree with smooth gray-silver bark. With age, the bark becomes rougher and cracks. The shape of the crown also depends on the number of years. Young fir has a pointed crown, similar to a pyramid. By middle age it becomes oval-pointed. In adulthood, the shape of the top becomes dull. The branches from the trunk grow horizontally, slightly raised upward. Cone-shaped tree.

The needles are dark green with two white stripes below, shiny, short in length - 2-3 cm. On the branches the needles are located in the same plane, comb-like. The ends of the needles are blunt-shaped. Young cones are green in color. When ripe, they acquire a dark brown color, sometimes with a red tint with protruding scales. The shape of the cones is oval-cylindrical. Size about 16 cm.

Grows in sunny places and in partial shade. Prefers humid climate zones. Fir is susceptible to dry frosty winds and spring frosts. Sensitive to air pollution from smoke and gases. Requires fertile, fairly moist soils. Does not tolerate waterlogging.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 (-29°C to -23°C).
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