Thuja occidentalis Smaragd 50 PCS fresh seeds, Northern & eastern white cedar, Arborvitae Smaragd tree, Evergreen coniferous tree, Hedge row

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Thuja occidentalis Smaragd, Northern & eastern white cedar, Arborvitae Smaragd tree, Evergreen coniferous tree (lat. Thuja occidentalis Smaragd).

A variety of Western thuja (Thuja occidentalis). At the age of 10 years , the height of plants is about 2.5 m . The height of adult plants is 4-6 m, the crown diameter is 1-1.8 m. It grows slowly. The annual increase in height is about 10 cm, in width about 4 cm.

The crown is cone-shaped, narrowly conical, of medium density, branches weakly. The shoots are arranged in a vertical plane. The twigs are located relatively far from each other, glossy, light green in summer and winter. It lends itself well to pruning.

The leaves are scaly, fresh green, bright, shiny. Lateral leaves with a straight back, a straight and sharp tip and a straight edge. Facies leaves with a blunt tip and a small, almost imperceptible gland on the back. Leaves of growth shoots with needle-like tips and more noticeable glands on the back. Stomatal stripes are yellow in the form of blurred spots. There are no rosary-shaped shoots. The cones are rare oblong-ovate, brown, about 1 cm long.

It grows well in suburban areas, tolerates the gas pollution of the city limits. One of the best conical varieties of thuja, characterized by moderate growth.

It is recommended to plant in places illuminated by the sun, in shade or partial shade. It is undemanding to soils. Winter hardiness. Shade tolerant. It is recommended for group and single plantings, hedges.
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