Thuja Smaragd 50+ PCS fresh seeds

Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd-a very beautiful tree with a luxurious fluffy crown and very compact size, in comparison with many other trees. For example, the maximum height of an adult tree can reach 6 meters, while the crown, in the absence of regular cutting and processing, spreads out to a diameter of up to 2 meters. This thuja is considered a long-lived tree, since its average life expectancy is about 130 years. At the same time, the growth rate of the tree is quite slow, since every year the thuja adds 15-20 cm in height, and only 5 cm in width. The tree grows quickly only in the period after planting, when young shoots form a crown, and the root system tends to strengthen in fresh soil.
The natural shape of the tree is a cone, but thanks to the art of landscape design, it can be given any appearance.
Thuja "Smaragd" is an evergreen plant.
During the flowering period, small oblong cones of a brown hue can be seen on the tree.
Thuja occidental secretes a special substance-phytoncide, which helps to purify the air. That is why thuja are planted not only in suburban areas,but also in the city.
It is this type of plant that can have two color options: green and golden.
This plant perfectly tolerates winters and polluted environmental conditions.
In order for the tree to take root, it is necessary to determine the correct time for its planting. This is very important, because in certain time periods and under certain climatic conditions, the plant can simply die. For example, in case of sudden frosts or when the sun is too bright in an open space. It is believed that the most suitable period for planting this plant in the open ground is early spring, the period until the sap movement begins, but the soil has already warmed up to the optimal state. Approximate planting dates are set in March-April, but you still need to take into account the climate and weather conditions in the region where you live. That is, in southern cities, tree planting can be done much earlier than in the north of the country.
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