Cupressus sempervirens 50 PCS fresh seeds, Italian pyramidal cypress, Mediterranean, or Tuscan, or Cypress, Pencil pine, Green tree

Oreshka seeds
Italian pyramidal cypress, Mediterranean, or Tuscan, or Persian cypress, Pencil pine, Green tree (lat. Cupressus sempervirens Pyramidalis).

Evergreen tree, a species of the genus Cypress of the Cypress family. A tree up to 25-30 m tall, with a straight trunk up to 50-60 cm in diameter, with a narrow cone-shaped (columnar) crown and short ascending branches tightly pressed to the trunk.

The needles are green, small, elongated-rhombic in shape, soft to the touch, located crosswise and tightly pressed to the shoots. The cones are small, round, layered covered with an intricate pattern.

Italian cypress - like most plants of this species, sun-loving. In the shade, the crown begins to stretch out strongly and loses its decorative effect. In general, the plant is unpretentious. For planting, choose a sunny area, without stagnation of moisture, protected from the north wind.

It grows quite quickly, tolerates prolonged drought and short-term temperature drops to -20 °C.

It is stable in urban conditions, tolerates haircut well. Durable. It begins to bear fruit from 5-6 years. It has exceptional decorative qualities. He lives up to 2000 years.
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