Larix kaempferi 30 PCS fresh seeds, Japanese larch tree conifer, larch seeds, Pine cones bonsai

Oreshka seeds
Japanese larch, thin-scaled, or thin-scaled or Kempfer (lat. Larix kaempferi)

The tree is 30-35 m high and the trunk diameter is 50 (up to 100) cm. Young shoots at the beginning of winter are light brownish-yellow, with a bluish bloom, densely pubescent or almost naked; biennial - reddish-brown. The bark on the trunks is relatively thin, longitudinally fractured, thinly peeling.
The buds are cone-shaped, brown. The needles are blunt, about 15 (up to 50) mm long, glaucous or bluish-green.
Inflorescences are yellowish- and reddish-green. Cones are round-oval, 20-35 mm long, consist of 45-50 (up to 70) scales arranged in five to six rows. The seed scales are thin, brittle, reddish-light brown; the covering scales are half shorter than the seed scales, ovate or lanceolate-pointed, brown-red. Seeds are 3-4 (up to 5) mm long, with a shiny brown wing. The weight of 1000 seeds is 3.7-4.6 g.
This type of larch differs from others by its slightly spiraled branches and reddish-brown cracked bark. During the year it gives an increase of 25 cm in height and 10-15 cm in width. It begins to bear fruit at the 15-20 th year of life.
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