Hard pine 30 PCS fresh seeds, Pinus rigida seeds

Oreshka seeds
Hard pine (lat. Pinus rigida)

A North American plant species of the genus Pine (Pinus) of the Pine family (Pinaceae). A tree up to 31 m in height, the trunk of which reaches 0.9 m in diameter, with a rounded or irregular crown.

The bark is red-brown, deeply furrowed, cracking into thick irregular scaly pieces. Needles persisting for 2-3 years. The needles are collected in bundles of usually 3, less often 5, up to 15 cm long, straight, of various shades of yellow-green; the edges of the needles are jagged. Male strobils are cylindrical in shape, about 2 cm long, yellow in color. Female strobils are biennial, immature - conical or ovate, then opening and becoming broadly ovate, red-brown or pale brown, 3-9 cm long. The scales are rigid, with a pointed tip.

Planting in small groups or tapeworms is recommended.
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