Cedar sibirica 25 PCS / 100 PCS fresh seeds for planting from Syberia, Pinus sibirica

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Siberian cedar (lat. Pinus sibirica)

This is an evergreen tree about 40 meters in height and belongs to the pine family. It is a long-lived tree, as its average age is 500 years.
It has a thick crown with many peaks, and the needles grow in small tufts. Cedar has a very short growing season, so it is a very slow-growing species of pine. Siberian cedar belongs to different-sex trees, so it is recommended to plant it in batches of several pieces.
Cedar cones are quite large, and small pine nuts act as seeds. The maturation of the cone occurs within 14 months, and sometimes more. As an excellent seed carrier are cedar and chipmunks.
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