High tree juniper seeds in berries 5 berries - 35 PCS fresh seeds, Juniperus excelsa

Oreshka seeds
Tall tree juniper (lat. Juniperus excelsa)

Evergreen shrub, up to 15 m high and trunk diameter up to 2 m.

Its crown is pyramidal, every year it becomes more spreading and powerful. The branches are rounded, tetrahedral, the foliage on them is small, emerald in color. This tree is monoecious, so Tall juniper produces single fruits, and quite large ones.

Juniper berries are violet-gray, with a thick whitish coating on the surface.

Tall juniper can be propagated by seed; this is usually what happens under natural conditions.

Requires abundant sunlight and can only grow normally with more than 4 hours of sunlight per day. Can grow in all types of soil and has no special soil pH requirements. But it grows most persistently in loose, fertile soils with good drainage. It has strong roots and is able to survive in dry, sandy soils and rock cracks, but does not tolerate standing water.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 2 (-45°C to -40°C).
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