Thuja occidentalis Columna 30 PCS fresh seeds, Northern & Eastern white cedar, Thuja tree, Arborvitae Columna, Evergreen coniferous tree

Oreshka seeds
Thuja occidentalis Columna, Northern white cedar, Thuja tree seeds, Arborvitae Columna, Eastern white cedar, Evergreen coniferous tree (lat. Thuja occidentalis Columna)

Strictly columnar, extremely narrow shape with a height of 4-5 meters or more, with a rather blunt top. Branches of all orders are short, horizontally spaced, with fan-shaped ends, shiny, dark green.

The needles are scaly, small, sometimes becoming slightly convex. It is considered the best columnar shape.

A wonderful solution for gardening the garden throughout the year. It is used to create hedges, compositions with other shrubs and evergreen flowering bushes. She looks great in single compositions, surrounded by flowers and succulents.

Columnar thuja are combined in compositions with thuja of the same type of crown, but in contrasting colors or with low thuja of another type of crown.
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