Seed set Northern coniferous nut-bearing trees / Coniferous forest nut-bearing trees

Oreshka seeds
Set of seeds northern coniferous nut-bearing trees / Trees of the coniferous forest nut-bearing.

The seed set consists of:
Cedar elfin seeds, Siberian cedar seeds, Korean cedar seeds, Bunge pine seeds, Himalayan pine seeds, Rumelian pine seeds.

Cedar elfin seeds:
Pinus pumila (Latin: Pinus pumila) is a small creeping woody plant with widely spreading branches, a species of the genus Pinus (Pinus) of the Pine family (Pinaceae). It forms various types of crowns — cup-shaped, creeping above the ground or tree-like. Tree-like crowns are found in elfin trees in sheltered valleys, where the trees reach 4-5 m (occasionally 7 m) in height with a trunk thickness of 15-18 cm at the root neck. In adults (100 years or more) plants that creep on the ground, the trunks reach 20-25 cm and a length of 10-12 m[2]. Because of the variety of crown shapes, cedar elfin is defined as a shrub, shrub-like tree or "half-bush-half-tree", and its thickets are called creeping forests, stlantsevy cedrachs and creeping cedarwoods.

Siberian cedar seeds:
Siberian cedar pine or Siberian cedar (Latin: Pínus sibírica) is a species of the genus Pine; an evergreen tree, reaching 35-44 m in height and 2 m in trunk diameter. The maximum life expectancy is 500 (according to some sources, 800-850) years. The most important advantage of Siberian cedar is its seeds (nuts) — a valuable high-calorie food product. Siberian cedar is a close relative of the Korean cedar, cedar elfin and European cedar, which are included in the informal group of cedar pines.

Korean cedar seeds:
Korean cedar, or Manchurian cedar, or Korean pine, also Korean cedar pine (Latin: Pínus koraiénsis) is a coniferous tree, one of the species of the genus Pine, native to East Asia, north — east China, Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, south-east of the Amur region, Korea and central Japan. It is listed in the Red Book of the Amur Region.

Bunge pine seeds:
Bunge pine or Pinus bungeana (Latin: Pinus bungeana), is a species of plant in the genus Pinus of the Pinaceae family. The Latin name is given in honor of the Russian botanist Alexander Bunge, who in 1831, while in China, collected samples of this plant.

Himalayan pine seeds: Himalayan
pine, or Bhutanese pine, or Wallich pine (Latin: Pinus wallichiana) is a species of gymnosperm in the genus Pine. This species of pine is distributed in the Himalayas, the Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountain systems, from eastern Afghanistan to the Chinese province of Yunnan, at an altitude of 1800-4300 m.

Rumelian pine seeds: Rumelian
pine, or Balkan pine, or Macedonian pine (Latin: Pinus peuce) is an evergreen monoecious narrow-pyramidal tree of medium height, a species of the genus Pine (section Strobus) of the Pine family (Pinaceae).

Included seeds:
Cedar elfin seeds 30 pcs;
Siberian cedar seeds 25 pcs;
Korean cedar seeds 20 pcs;
Bunge pine seeds 10 pcs;
Himalayan pine seeds 10 pcs;
Rumelian pine seeds 10 pcs.

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