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Oreshka seeds
Griffithiana larch (lat. Larix griffithii)

A species of coniferous trees from the genus Larch (Larix) of the Pine family (Pinaceae). A tree up to 20 m high, with branches spread wide apart. The bark is brown and thick. Young shoots are reddish, densely pubescent, usually hanging.
The needles are 20-35 mm long, light green, stiff, blunt, flat above, strongly keeled below.
Cones are cylindrical, up to 10 cm long, 3 cm in diameter, bluish-green or purple before maturation, mature - orange-brown. The seed scales are slightly notched from above, fluffy from the outside; the covering scales are wide, gradually pointed towards the top, strongly protruding and bent back. The seeds are about 4 mm long, with a wing about 10 mm long.
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